Sterling institute really helped me to attain my dream. I got individual attention for each module which helped me a lot to overcome my deficiencies with the English language. This is the best institution which gave me a family atmosphere and it provided me motivation, inspiration to tackle the IELTS exam effectively. That style was tailor made to suite my needs and time constraints. I would recommend this institute to anyone who wants to prepare seriously for the IELTS exam.

Aleena Peter Student

The institute was immensely helpful in my ielts preparation. They give one on one attention on all aspects of ielts. Expert and dedicated faculties, especially in writing and speaking part. Sterling has helped me secure an overall score of 8 in ielts. Timing is very flexible and it helps alot for working people. They make people very comfortable and the faculties are very patient with everyone. Overall I would suggest the institute for anyone who is serious about their ielts preparation.

sree resmi Student

Superb coaching...... Best place to remedy your weaknesses and score a good score in IELTS. The support given by the faculty and staff is all that needed to build up your confidence.

Jeesmon Jacob Student

My wife attended their online classes for IELTS and her main concern was writing... after atteding few classes, she scored 7 in wrting with overall 7. According to her she was following the templates of given essays. Strongly recommeds this institution..

Anilkumar Bhaskaran Pillai

Excellent coaching. The institute is very student friendly. My English speaking was very problematic because I'd stutter too much and struggle to speak even for 1minute but after the excellent coaching I received I was able to do very well in the exam. Their individual care and mock tests have helped me to attain my required band score

Nithul B Manappadan Student

I got excellent training from this Institute for my IELTS. Initially I had joined for a 25 day course , but the training was so good I was ready in 2 weeks. I got an overall band score of 8.5. I am very thankful for the staff for helping me in achieving this .

Mohammed Irfaan Student

Excellent training for IELTS. I joined for IELTS Academic and I got an overall band of 7.5. The highlight of the institute is individual attention for the students. Thanks to Sasi sir, Irfan and Shefy mam, for the training and support.

merlin jose Student

Thank god I found such a special centre for my IELTS training. I thank the entire faculty for providing me individual attention and support for my coaching. I was concerned about my proficiency in English before I joined this institute, but because of the excellent training I recieved, I was able to score the desired band of 7. Thanks alot Sterling.

Jaitlee K Joshy Student

Excellent coaching, student friendly and good atmosphere to study. I thank the entire faculty for their support, individual care and the mock tests. So once again thank Sterling for helping me to achieve my ielts.

Ashish sivadas Student

Although my English language is pretty good, I did find IELTS rather difficult especially the writing module. At Sterling Institute, I was largely given individual coaching which helped me immensely to understand IELTS very well, and by the grace of God, I was able to attain my target score in my very first attempt. My sincere thanks to the faculty and staff at Sterling for their help and support which gave me a lot of confidence to write the IELTS.


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