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Passion is a great thing, and I believe it is one of the things that I have been able to identify thebest ways of being within a career. I am a Graphic Designer by profession and proud to say that Iam building myself up something I love and something that I have looked forward to doing for along time. I have long believed that design industry in this country suffers not from a lack of talent,but from a dearth of complete planning and management. It is largely for this reason that I havedecided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Germany, as I feel that the comprehensive educationoffered in such a setting will instill in me the fresh ideas and skills that will allow me to transcendthe limitations of the design industry in India. IamBinoy Babu, born on16th August, 1995, I am 25 years old, comes from the country of diversity, India.

Graphic designer with 4 years of rich experience in the management of the complete design process with conceptualization to delivery. Skilled in adobe creative suite with the ability to work well under pressure and tight deadlines

Developing creatively new design concepts, Advertising, Branding, Digital marketing, Video editing these are my strong fields.

Name: Binoy Babu

Age: 25

Phone: +49 15171624174

Address: Wittenau, Berlin

Freelance: Available

Nationality: Indain

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1. Cardio-vascular information

Heart Rate and heart rhythm are tracked through electrocardiography (ECG) by calculating beat-to-beat time intervals and using algorithms to classify heart rhythm.

2. Electrodermal

Electrodermal activity is generated when eccrine sweat glands form sweat on the surface of the skin. Eccrine glands are innervated by the sympathetic nervous system and they are part of the fight or flight response system. This makes electrodermal activity (EDA) important from the stress measurement point of view.

3. Respiratory Rate

The sensitivity of respiratory rate to these conditions is superior compared to that of most of the other vital signs, and the abundance of suitable technological solutions measuring respiratory rate has important implications for healthcare.

The EVOLV App is a project developed to create a new type of treatment for anxiety disorders using a wearable device connected to an App. Some known treatments are been integrated into the system such as: haptic, cognitive and sound stimulus which can help a pattient to overcome panic attacks and anxiety disorders.
Technology based anxiety treatment.
Language: English


1. Constant Analysis

The wristband track your vital signs constantly and analyze them to create a user profile. Where peaks and drops are registered to predict possible episodes in the future

2. Intervention Methods

The real time tracking device detects when the vitals reach dangerous levels and triggers the haptic/sound/visual distractor signals as well as the possibility of s.o.s function.

3. Prediction Feature

The app constantly analyze the vital signs and record the peaks and drops in order to predict future new anxious situations.

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