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We are truly elated and honored by your presence here, and believe that by the time you traverse through all what we have on offer for you, you too will be equally gladdened and enthused...............because we‘ll help you fall in love with English


One of the most desired wish list of today’s young –gen is to pack their bags and travel across the seas, be it for academic pursuit or for professional career. In either situation a good score in an English proficiency test like IELTS, OET, PTE, GRE or TOEFL is mandatory. This has however, been and continues to be a huge stumbling block for countless aspirants. Repeated unsuccessful attempts have been leading many to a state of depression, while many keep on making yet more attempts in the hope that lady luck will smile on them, eventually. Quite a lot give it up in sheer desperation, firmly believing that they are completely incapable of learning the English language.…..,this is where we, Sterling, intervene.

The crux of the problem is that, most of the exam takers attempt the exam thinking that luck is a vital factor for clearing the exam succesfully, whereas, we believe luck is just an incidental factor, while the main one is your relationship with the language.

There are many among us who cannot read or write our mother tongue even though we speak, as well as hear and understand it very well. Nevertheless, we still feel a unique bonding with our mother tongue. This sort of bonding, albeit to a lesser degree, is seen in the case of many other regional languages too, though we cannot read or write it. But somehow, when it comes to English, the chemistry just doesn’t seem to take place, no matter how hard one tries; even if one does have a fair degree of writing and reading skills for it.

Undoubtedly, it’s the absence of a sound bonding with the English language that a very large percentage of non- native English language users experience inability to bridge the gap between having a barely working knowledge of, and a good control over the language. This eventually leads not only to a growing dislike for the language, but also a declining enthusiasm to learn it. As we all know, in today’s globalised environment, lack of a reasonable level of ability to handle the English language could seriously impede admirable progress in life. Obviously then, the recourse is to slowly but surely eliminate the underlying phobia towards the language, more so where it concerns grammar.

May we, at this juncture assure you that it is very much possible to do so, because ,English language, in all fairness, is not a very difficult language to get a grip on, despite its intricacies. For some really unknown reasons it is looked at with a lot of skepticism and also fear. At Sterling Institute, it is our relentless endeavor to completely eliminate this outlook, and in its place create an interminable bond between you and the English language, and thus help you attain an above average ability to handle it.

When you enroll with us for learning the English language, the first thing that we do is a complete diagnosis or appraisal of your current level of ability in the language and then draw up a plan of study as necessary, based on your ability level. We could start from absolute grassroot level including handwriting, spellings , grammar or maybe at just the intermediate level….whichever it may be , it will be a process of unlearning a lot, and learning quite a lot , at the end of which you will agree that English is indeed a very simple , alluring and engrossing language ..

So come on board, get a proper introduction of this wonderful language …..Fall in love with it, leverage it to fulfill your wish list, and transform your life gloriously.

Our Mission

Endeavour relentlessly to enable aspirant learners of the English language banish from their minds the fear of the English language and forge a rewarding bond instead.

Our Vision

To come the day when possibly every non-native English language user would love the language as much as their mother tongue and leverage it to the hilt to zoom ahead in life.

The story so far………….

We are engaged in the work of upskilling those of you who feel insecure about your ability to use the English language to your advantage .At Sterling, we strive relentlessly to help you bury your latent fears about it and replace it with a newfound ability, confidence and poise.

Ground zero for us was somewhere towards the end of Sept 2014, operations started in Feb 2015 and in the years since then close to 4000 students seeking tutelage for IELTS, OET and PTE have gone through our portals. Of these, nearly 90% attempted the examination that they had opted for, while the others discontinued for some reason or the other; and among those who did write almost 70% attained their needed scores, and they all have been able to pursue their chosen path across the seas, be it for academic or for migration purposes.

Greatly satisfying it has been this far, that notwithstanding the fact we do not have a pedagogy that we can flaunt or boast about, other than a small group of truly dedicated teachers, we have yet been able to carve a niche and create a track record that we can be mighty proud about, more so because it’s by the word of mouth of our students than any other means. In the same breath we must also confess that, along the way, we have also collected a few brickbats, which in fact, we see as signposts to constantly evaluate as well as strive to better ourselves in our endeavour to help you fall in love with the English language , which will empower you immensely in more ways than one in the days to come.

We are totally committed to helping you fall in love with the English language, no matter how far you may feel yourself from it (period).

The Journey Ahead

When you embark on a journey, it is very important to chart out the course as accurately as possible, failing which you may never be able to reach your destination.

The IELTS English proficiency exam tests you across the four skills in the use of the English language… listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among these, the writing and speaking modules are the major hurdles to a vast majority of examinees, while reading and listening are found to be comparatively easy. On the contrary, in the OET test the reading and listening modules are generally considered to be more difficult than writing and speaking sections. Although the main purpose of these proficiency test is the same the methodology and form of the test very significantly and therefore coaching for all these also varies accordingly. What all these observations imply is that, although all these exams relate to functional English ability, imparting the skills needed for attempting each of them has to be done in dissimilar ways keeping in view the threshold level and aptitude of the examinee. At Sterling, we understand that a common method will most certainly not produce desired results and hence we keep on casting and re-casting the teaching to suit your individual ability as we Endeavour to put you on the right path to your destination.